Community Events

The annual Clyde Firemen's Festival takes place every August centered around the 15th of the month.  Enjoy several days of family, friends and old fashion fun.  Clyde is known throughout the upstate New York area for its spectacular fireworks display every August 15th. Sponsored by the Clyde Fire Department.  This festival offers everything from a carnival with games and contests for the kids, to one of New York's most breathtaking annual fireworks displays that is always held on the 15th of August at 9:00 PM. Once you've seen it you will never miss this weekend in August again.


The annual Fall Community Harvest Festival brings all facets of the Clyde community together for an afternoon of fun, conversation and relaxation.  The afternoon starts with a Farmers Market in  the Village park with foods, flowers and crafts offered for purchase.  Visitors can enjoy hay rides, cider, donuts, face painting, games and a haunted house.  Enjoy the downtown window art done by our Jr./Sr. High School students and decorated pumpkins by our elementary children.  A nice way to spend a fall afternoon.

The winter months in Clyde are just as eventful. Kick off the holiday season with the Chamber of Commerce Hometown Christmas which takes place the first Saturday of December.  Holiday decorations give Clyde a warm festive atmosphere from one end of our village to the other.  Join community elders and youngsters as they come together in the early evening for a traditional tree lighting ceremony with caroling and music in the beautiful Village Central Park.


Spring in Clyde brings boaters on the Erie Canal and travels from the wine region to Lake Ontario.  Bring your children to the annual Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  See who will find the "golden egg" for that special prize.  A morning of sharing and visiting.


School System
Clyde-Savannah Central School District strives for excellence in all areas of education. The school system has two attractive, recently renovated schools that service the needs of its students. Clyde Elementary (a K-5 building) is located in the village of Clyde. The Clyde-Savannah Junior-Senior High School is located on the Clyde campus. The total student enrollment in Clyde-Savannah Central School District is 1,200. The low student-to-teacher ratio within each of the schools shows the emphasis placed upon learning in this community. The school district has some outstanding academic and athletic programs available for its students. Along with the school's high graduation rate and high state wide test scores, the school system is among the leaders in public education in the state of New York. The schools have an excellent program called "OPTIONS" for academically talented students. This "OPTIONS" program has received state-wide recognition. The school district also has an excellent program for students with special learning needs.

Clyde-Savannah Central School District has taken great measures to empower all of its students in decision-making. The schools are well-known for involving students in decision-making committees with community members and educators.

Clyde Savannah Central School District is also developing a model drug and alcohol abuse prevention program. The school has some very strict standards and expectations for its student body. There is a great emphasis in the schools on student wellness and mature student decision making in both academic and social areas. The Clyde-Savannah Community has shown a lot of positive support for its school system. The innovative programs that the school has developed, coupled with the community support, helps Clyde-Savannah Central Schools provide a quality education for all students.




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More Listing


Clyde Chamber Of Commerce

P.O. Box 69, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: John Robert

Clyde Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC)

P.O. Box 92, Clyde, NY 14433

Contact Person: Ken DiSanto   (315) 923-7998


Clyde Capital Improvement, L.P.

P.O. Box 30, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Ken DiSanto, (315) 923-7998


Clyde-Savannah Central School

District Office
215 Glasgow Street, Clyde, NY 14433
(315) 902-3000

Clyde-Savannah Public Library

204 Glasgow Street, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Sue Ayers, Librarian, (315) 923-7767


Clyde Fire Company, Inc.

P.O. Box 266, Clyde, NY 14433

Galen/Clyde Joint Fire District
P.O. Box 19, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Douglas Luke


Clyde Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary

Contact Person: Patty Simon, 923-7116
At 75 West DeZeng St., Clyde, NY 14433

Clyde Ambulance Corps

P.O. Box 145, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Jim Lee

Clyde Grange

2457 Rt. 414N, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Wayne Rice (315) 923-7753


Clyde SPAN

PO Box 14  Clyde, NY 14433

Clyde Lions Club

1341 Glover Road, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Richard Muoio, (315) 923-7419


Clyde Rotary Club

P.O. Box 202, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Dane O'Dell


Veterans of Foreign Wars

Bud Hinman Post #947
Correspondence: 26 Sodus St., Clyde, NY 14433

V.F.W. Hall: 923-5351

Party Bookings: Daniel DeLisio (585) 703-5913

American Legion Brown-DiSanto Post #226

P.O. Box 226, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: J. William Thoms, 923-7224


Galen Historical Society

P.O. Box 43, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Sherry Hoven (315)  923-7138


Town of Galen

6 South Park Street, Clyde, NY 14433
Town Clerk Norma Lancaster, (315) 923-7259 Ext. 203
Town Supervisor: Steven Groat, Ext. 205
Town Council Members:  Jeff Montemorano,  Mike Kise, R. Donselaar, Noreen Kanaley
Deputy Town Clerk: Kathy Rowe
Clerk to the Supervisor: Becky Wright
Town Justices: Lester Carr, Carol Heald
Assessor, Cynthia Loncosky,  Ext. 209
Supt. Of Highways: Paul Plucinik, 923-7730
Town Historian: Hugh Miner
Dog Warden: Brian Williams, 946-9585
Planning Board: Chairman Larry Arliss, Joseph Firendino, Keith Malchoff, James Hughes, Santo Montemorano, Charles Stone, William Delperdange
Board of Appeals: Chairman, Robert Brisky, Robin Bogart, Randy DeLisio, Lloyd Lind, Gary Hubbs, Marie Pelloni, Ray Millis
Grievance Board: Warren Leisenring Jr., Michael Lee, Steve Roshia, Joe Salerno, Julius Vitticore
Code Enforcement Officer: Tom Sawtelle, Ext. 218

Town of Savannah

1564 North Main Street, Savannah, NY 13146
Town Clerk, Julie Carey, (315) 365-2811

Savannah Fire Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 306, Savannah, NY 13146
Contact Persons: President James Younglove


Savannah Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary

P.O. Box 221, Savannah, NY 13146
Contact Person: Anne Ball, 365-312


Savannah Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 66, Savannah, NY 13146
(315) 365-3156


F. & A. Masons Savannah Lodge #764

Contact Person: Don Colvin, 365-2520
1400 Hogback Road, Savannah, NY 13146

American Legion  Arthur T. Meehan Post #1343

P.O. Box 188, Savannah, NY 13146
Contact Persons: Norman Gay, 365-2821

Silver Stars

 Savannah, N.Y. 13146
Contact Person: Gerry Wolfe


Sixty Plus Club

 31 Duncan St. Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Persons: Josephine Arnitz, (315) 923-7718

Rose Oasis (Older Adults Sharing In Society)

898 Jenkins Rd. Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Melvin Stickles  (315) 923-7358


Cub Scout Pack #162

P.O. Box 162, Clyde, N.Y. 14433
Contact Person: Janette Clark

Clyde-Savannah Girl Scout Troops

Contact Persons: Andrea Petrus, 365-3194, and Christine Lauster,
Mail at 160 Elm St. Clyde, NY 14433

Boy Scout Troop #154

Contact Persons: Sue Bleier, 365-3498
Or Julia Whiting, 365-2909
Correspondence: Sue Bleier
At P.O. Box 124, Savannah, NY 13146
Or Julia Whiting

Boy Scout Troop #172

507 Woodhill, Newark, NY 14513
Contact Person: Bruce Hadden, (315) 331-0019

United Church of Christ, Congregational (Savannah)

Call Pastor Richard Nettle 986-3503; Helen Wright, 365-2405
Correspondence: P.O. Box 192
Savannah, NY 13146
Sunday Service: 10:00 a.m.

New Life Christian Center (Savannah)

Call Pastor George Sheldon, 365-2586
Correspondence: 1912 Route 89
Savannah, NY 13146
Sunday Service: 10:00 a.m.


Clyde Baptist Church

30 Galen Street, Clyde NY. 14433
Rev. Knapton  (315) 923-3102

Savannah Community Church

Correspondence: P.O. Box 123, Savannah, NY 13146
Sunday Service: summer hours 9:30 a.m.

Christ Community Church (Clyde)

Call Pastor Dana Rattray
Church Telephone, 923-7069
Correspondence: 27 W. Genesee St., Clyde, NY 14433
Sunday Service: 10:30 a.m.


Clyde United Methodist Church

Rev. Barbara DeAngelis  315-255-2958
Church Telephone, 923-3901
Correspondence: 84 Sodus St., Clyde, NY 14433
Sunday Service: (as of September) 10:30 a.m.

St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church (Clyde)

Call Father Augustine Chumo 719-8813   902-4013 (office)
Correspondence: 43 W. DeZeng St.  Clyde, NY 14433
Sunday Mass at 10:30 p.m.

Catholic Daughters of America

65 Lock St, Apt 108E, Clyde, NY 14433

Contact: Bea Votra, (315) 923-1056

Christian Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

(Covell Rd., Galen)

Call Pastor Vera Alford
4000 Covell Road
P.O. Box 185, Clyde, NY 14433
Church Telephone: 587-2023
Sunday Service: 12:00 noon


Wayne Hill Top Gun Club

11267 Welch Road
P.O. Box 175, Clyde, NY 14433
Contact Person: Dave Williams, 587-2779


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